Genertec Meheco's Leadership Accompanies Genertec Leadership at the First CISCE

28 2023-11

On November 28, the Opening Ceremony of the First China International Supply Chain Expo (CISCE) & Global Supply Chain Innovation and Development Forum were held in Beijing. On the afternoon of November 28, Lu Yimin, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Leading Party Group of Genertec, and Ma Kehui, Chief Accountant and Member of the Leading Party Group of Genertec, attended the signing ceremony. They were accompanied by Hu Huidong, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee of Genertec Meheco, and Lin Weifang, Deputy General Manager of Genertec Meheco. In line with the Healthy China Strategy, Genertec Meheco attended this expo with many subsidiaries in its system. It displayed more than 30 products such as Chinese and western medicine preparations, medicinal and edible homologous supplements and health care products. With the slogan of "medical and health products ensure health", Genertec Meheco aimed to promote the concept of high-quality healthy life and boost its massive health business. Genertec leadership carefully learned about the main functions, production status, usage scenarios and next-step development plans of various products in Genertec Meheco's exhibition area. They affirmed Genertec Meheco's long-term position of "national medical team" and its mission of serving people's healthy life with high-quality medical and health products.

Heads of relevant functional departments and affiliated enterprises of Genertec Meheco attended the expo.