Genertec Meheco's Leadership Meets with BUCM President Xu Anlong

29 2023-12

On the afternoon of December 29, Li Yadong, Secretary of the CPC Committee of Genertec Meheco and Chairman of Genertec Meheco, and Hong Jiaqing, Member of the CPC Committee of Genertec Meheco and Deputy General Manager of Genertec Meheco, met with Xu Anlong, President of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM), Wang Ting, Vice President of BUCM, and their delegation at General Times Center. They conducted in-depth communication and exchanges on relevant businesses. Before the symposium, Xu Anlong and his delegation visited the exhibition hall of Genertec to learn about its historical evolution and industrial layout. The delegation was accompanied by heads of relevant departments of Genertec Meheco.