Talent Development

Cultivation Philosophy

Team Building

We value our employees as invaluable assets crucial to a company's survival and development. That is why we put people first during business operation. We also promote team spirit as the foundation for success, vitality, and an entrepreneurial mindset.


We prioritize talent acquisition and employee development as we recognize the importance of talent in future business competition beyond just products and services. We also understand that employees' growth will contribute remarkably to the overall development of our company.

Growing Together with Employees

We embrace people-oriented development and pursue mutual success for both employees and the company. Our policy revolves around "Progressing through Talent, Cultivating Talent through Development," recognizing talent as the primary resource for enterprise growth.

A Platform for Employee Growth

We create an optimal environment and offer a broad platform for talent development. We attract and retain talent through an employment mechanism that gives opportunities to motivated individuals, provides a platform for capable workers, and rewards high achievers for their success.

Voice of Employees

Just like a sail to a ship, innovation is the driving force that propels corporate development.
—— Strategic Operation Department
Development is the first priority, talent is the principal resource, and innovation is the primary driving force.
—— Office

Talent Acquisition

As an A-share listed company, we are a trailblazer in the professional reform of central enterprises. With a modern governance system, we provide a platform for outstanding individuals from diverse backgrounds that have extensive management experience and expertise and are interested in the pharmaceutical and health industry. At Meheco, we follow an inclusive and flexible talent selection mechanism and bring together top talent from all backgrounds, enabling them to unleash their full potential. Our competitive salary system and comprehensive performance management mechanism enable individuals to fulfill their values. Join us to shape a prosperous future together!