Investment Expansion

Business Introduction

First, build service and supply chains for the medical device industry chain. Highlight medical device R&D enterprises and optimize the industrial structure by focusing on technologically advantageous medical device R&D and manufacturing companies. Expand collaboration with medical device trading enterprises with comprehensive supply chain services and network coverage in equity cooperation in areas such as streamlined medical consumables and SPD supply chain services to promote the transformation and upgrading of the medical device trading businesses. Second, enrich product lines and new business models in the pharmaceutical industry. Highlight high-quality chemical APIs and agents enterprises that offer varieties advantages and possess technological barriers and high-quality manufacturing enterprises for Chinese patent medicines and TCM decoction pieces with brand accumulation and industry influence to establish the full TCM industry chain. Third, expand and improve the medicine trading layout. Focus on large-scale medicine trading enterprises that can complement the Company's trading network. Expand and strengthen the medicine trading businesses through various investment methods such as capital increase for shares and equity investment.